Welcome to The South I Knew

Senator Fritz Hollings at Galivants Ferry StumpThe Big Red BarnCropping Tobacco: Glenda's Tobacco StoryParticipate of the Galivants Ferry StumpA Future Dove Field

The South I Knew is an intimate, time-woven celebration of the four generations of tradition, lore, beauty, hard work and appreciation for life’s simple treasures – being passed down through stories and photographs to the author’s three children … and a world of readers.

This large format illustrated book is set primarily in the Little Pee Dee River, Horry County and historical Galivants Ferry regions of eastern South Carolina. It features stories and reminiscences of a land and culture both breathtaking and roughscrabble, beautiful and ornery, complicated in its personal intrigues, yet simple and sweet in its lifestyle. Dropped in the middle is the galvanizer, the oldest Democratic Party rally in the nation: the 130+ year-old Galivants Ferry Stump, held in May in alternate years. 

Join author Christian Monroe Holliday Douglas, a fourth-generation native of the region, in this moving tribute to the land and people she loves. Weaving her stories in a voice resonating with the pure Southern storytelling magic, spirit and values we’ve grown to love in American literature for the past 100 years – and only a true Southerner can convey – Ms. Douglas mixes the humorous with the tragic, the poignant with the light-hearted. She takes us by the hand, says  ”let me tell y’all a story,” and guides us into the heart of every tale – often with the wink of a green eye and a laugh that is full of life. Like every page of The South I Knew.