What Have I Done?

Good Question! I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find reading lengthy biographies that someone writes about himself or herself to be a little long-winded … so I’ve decided to give you another approach – little snapshots, verbal photographs. Since this is not a resume I want to hit the highlights of my life. I haven’t won lots of awards, and I’m not famous. I’m just ME. Here goes:

  • Born October 18, 1954, several days after Hurricane Hazel. (Your grandparents almost named me Hazel. They did not, but I do have hazel green eyes.)
  • Attended kindergarten at 5 years old: At 1st Presbyterian Church, Mullins, S.C.

    The first thing they told me was, “don’t color outside the lines.” I think that made me a little rebellious. I was always very independent.

  • Elementary school, first through seventh grades: McCormick, Mullins, S.C.

    I loved holding offices in the student council. (I practically lived with Jane Graves, whose house was next door to the school)

  • Mullins High School, eighth and ninth grades (There were no middle schools)
  • Ninth grade: my only brother, George, died
  • Ashley Hall School for Girls, 10th through 12 grades:

    A boarding school in Charleston, S.C.; President of Sr. Class, Vice President of Student Council

  • Converse College. I earned a BA in Art History, with a minor in French, and loved being involved in numerous organizations and holding offices. I graduated in three years in order to get married. (Very stupid-”do as I say”, not as I did”)
  • Graduated with honors in 1975
  • Married my first husband, Perrin Trotter. We lived in Greenville, SC. I was a secretary, saleman, and realtor.
  • Moved back to Galivants Ferry in 1979 and worked for Pee Dee Farms Corporation. I tried to re-discover my youth (it cannot be done).
  • Married my second husband, your Daddy, David Duvall Douglas in 1982
  • We originally lived in Simpsonville, S.C., the town where I gave birth to all of you: Christian Monroe Holliday Douglas (1983); Marjorie Russell Holliday Douglas (1985); and David Duvall Douglas, Jr. (1987).
  • I became a full-time Momma, and we moved to Greenville, S.C. I raised you the best I could.
  • I became a Junior League of Greenville member. My favorite placement was “Camp Opportunity,” a camp for abused and neglected children. You three went with me to all events with these children. It was very special.
  • As Community Vice President for Junior League, I headed up a public relations effort to change the image of the Junior League in general. I won a national award for “Look Again,” a public service announcement showing the diversity of this traditionally Southern group of women.
  • We moved back to Galivants Ferry in 1997. I worked in our family business, Monroe Management, a combination of farming and real estate.
  • I started the track program and served as head track coach at Pee Dee Academy (eighth through 12th grade boys and girls). I never cut anyone from the team.
  • Took over as Head of Public Relations for Galivants Ferry Stump, which our family started in 1876.
  • I became very active in the preservation of local Galivants Ferry buildings.
  • My Daddy, your grandfather, died in 2000
  • Your Daddy and I became members of First Presbyterian Church of Florence, S.C. We have participated in several Amazon Mission Trips since 2010.
  • How I have my fun: my hobbies include volunteering, hunting, fishing, golf, exercise, yoga, meditation, photography, working in the yard, animals, travel, writing, traveling to exotic natural environments around the world in orderto see and photograph familiar faces and all God’s critters.
  • I look forward to more mission trips, traveling with family, playing with my husband, and enjoying all the hobbies I don’t have time to do.
  • I look forward to publishing my books